Destruction of Memorial Plaque.

Date 2007/10/1 20:20:00 | Topic: Conradh Na Gaeilge News

The Tubaiste Kirkintilloch memorial plaque was designed by local Kirkintilloch artist Willie Roger and was black marble effect with white writing. It had the names of the youths that died, along with their ages. It also had the text “Near this site in 1937 ten young Irish tattie Hawkers lost their lives in a bothy fire”

Margaret Reilly was asleep in the adjoining bothy when the alarm was raised. Margaret Reilly and her daughter unveilied the plaque which was fixed to a gable wall near the site of the tragedy in Kirkintilloch’s East Side

Flowers were laid by relatives of the victims and blessings were given by local priest Fr Hannah and Achill priest Fr McGuinness
On the Tuesday or Wednesday night after the unveiling the plaque was attacked by what looked like a pick axe. The police were informed.

The following night the plaque was attacked again. This time a witness seen two adults pulling up in a car. One aparently got out and attacked the plaque with a lump of concrete.

The attack has been reported in local papers and the council have said they will replace the plaque, however Conradh na Gaeilge, as main organisers of this event, will have to work with the council to try and source the funding required for this.

There is little doubt that this must have been a sectarian attack. The police today said to Gráinne that they have no evidence to suggest it was or wasn’t a sectarian or racial attack.

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